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What are the basics?
The Ramayana book is digitally ready and just needs your commitment to physically come to life.

The target of 1200 copies is the amount of Ramayana books that the publisher needs to pre sell to print and release the book.

The publisher, Éditions Diane de Selliers, is the team behind the Ramayana book project, working to bringing it to life.

Backers are people who pre order copies of the Ramayana book, to join the publisher in bringing the project to life.

Rewards are the publisher’s chance to share a piece of their project with their backer community: free copies, one-of-a-kind experiences, acknowledgment…


What is the Ramayana book project?
The Ramayana book brings together for the first time in the world, Valmiki’s unabridged Ramayana in the benchmark English translation from Sanskrit illustrated with 660 Indian miniature paintings from the 16th to the 19th century, unpublished for most parts.

It is presented in a sumptuous 7 volumes box set.
This is not just a book; it is one of the most challenging projects ever carried out by a publisher.

  • 10 years of iconographic research: to carefully select the most beautiful and significant miniatures all over the world.
  • In terms of layout: illustrating the 48 000 verses of the epic, scene by scene and chapter by chapter.
  • In terms of fabrication and photoengraving: we demand the highest quality in reproduction for the 660 works of art.


Who is the publisher?

Diane de Selliers has been successfully editing and publishing art books for over 30 years. In 1992, she created her own publishing house in Paris.
Since then, she has edited and published a series of unparalleled books in the collection “The Great Texts of Literature Illustrated by the Greatest Artists“.
Internationally recognized as indispensable reference books, these prestigious works of art have earned Diane de Selliers the highest civilian awards.
Diane de Selliers and her team started working on the Ramayana book project in 1998.
Find out more about the publisher here.


What is the Ramayana book pre order operation?

The operation aims at pre selling 1200 copies of the Ramayana box set before September, 30th, 2015.

The Ramayana book website was inspired by crowdfunding platforms.
Crowdfunding is a lever allowing the public to financially and collectively sustain an appealing idea or a project.

We would like anyone who loves the Ramayana book project to be able to support it and be rewarded for it.


Why 1200 copies?
1200 copies is the minimum that the publisher needs to pre sell to cover the cost of producing the whole print run (3,000 copies).


And if the target is not reached?

In this unfortunate case, the backers will be entirely and immediately reimbursed of their money.


The backers can choose to receive a copy of the Ramayana box set in French¸ along with a booklet of the unabridged text and commentaries in English.
It is the exact same content and layout.


When will the Ramayana book be released?
If the golden target number of 1200 copies is reached before September 30th, 2014, the book will be released in March 2015.


How can I contribute to the Ramayana book project?
Step 1: Click on « Pre order now »
If you are not registered, a page to sign up will be proposed. It’s fast and free. If you are already registered and logged, follow the steps.
Step 2: Determine the amount of your contribution: from 1 to 1200 copies. Your payment will be secured by Paypal, a world leader in secure Internet payment.


What do backers get in return?
By pre ordering your copies of the Ramayana book, you become part of the Ramayana journey and contribute to making this outstanding book come to life.

You also get all kind of rewards, starting with a special price of 1,400 USD instead of 1,600 USD and free worldwide shipping.

You can get free copies of the box set, be invited to launch events, personalize your book and associate your name to this unprecedented project.
Find out more on the home page.


How can I promote the Ramayana book project?
Several tools are available on the website. On the project page, use the flags to the left of the main picture of the project: You can post the project on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or use the widget to insert on your blog or on your website.


Can I write to the Publisher?
Yes, and you can even call them up!
Use the contact page information.

How will I be informed when the project that I support reaches its goal?

The publisher will send an alert email to all our supporters. The information will also be available via our Twitter and Facebook page.


Are payments on secure?
Your payments are 100% secured by our partner Paypal, a world leader in the field. Your contributions made by credit card transit systematically via Paypal. The bank details of your credit card are encrypted by PayBox and never appear on the site


Can I pay by check or other means of payment than a credit card?
Yes, you can use Paypal.
You can also pay by check if you courrier it to the publisher’s headquarters in Paris.