The Ramayana US Tour 2015

This fall, the publisher of the Ramayana, Diane de Selliers, is coming to a city near you
Take the opportunity to meet her and discover her amazing journey !

The US tour is due to begin in San Francisco on November 15th. A serie of salons will be held in different venues : museums, art galleries, art societies or private homes. We will keep you informed as the date is getting closer.

Salons will be the opportunity for Diane de Selliers to showcase the forthcoming English edition of the Ramayana and to recount her incredible journey of more than 10 years.

She will also share her knowledge and passion of Indian art and present the different school of Indian miniature paintings that feature in the book.

After San Francisco, the Ramayana tour will travel around the country Chicago, Dallas, New-York, Miami etc…

08:00 PM
US tour