660 commentaries by Amina Taha Hussein-Okada help readers to sharpen their eyes as they look at the miniatures and give them a better understanding of Indian culture, religion, traditions and rites. Her outstanding introduction to the illustration of the Ramayana in the history of Indian art presents the landmark manuscripts and the various painting schools from the 16th to the 19th century.

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Rama pines Sita commentaries

RĀMA PINES FOR SĪTĀ Pahari school, Garhwal or Hindur, c. 1790–1800. Gouache and gold on paper. Shilpa Mehta Collection, Hyderabad.

Extract from Amina Okada commentary :

“The spectacle of resplendent nature, renewed by the seasonal rains, deepens the pain in Rama’s heart for having lost Sita. Birds flying in formation against the dark monsoon sky, pink lotuses shooting forth buds and open blooms from the water, a peahen perched on a rock awaiting the call of its mate, clouds swathing heaven and earth with their noble rumblings : around the two brothers, who have taken shelter in a lakeside cave, nature parades its forms and colors, traditionally seen as powerful literary and pictorial metaphors, dolefully echoing the two brothers’ anguish.”