June 26, 2014

About Diane de Selliers’ publishing house

About Diane de Selliers’ publishing house

For the past 22 years, Editions Diane de Selliers, has edited and published a series of unparalleled books in the collection “The Great Texts of Literature Illustrated by the Greatest Artists”. Diane de Selliers envisioned a collection dedicated to bringing back to life founding classic literature thanks to artists whose works have been inspired by these texts over the centuries. This collection revitalizes the icons of classic literature by pairing original texts with artists who have used the texts as sources of inspiration over the centuries. Currently composed of twentyone titles,

each is attentively assembled by the editorial process of discovery, research, curiosity, and meticulous labor, and guided by a seriousness and passion for the subject. The quest for optimal quality and original artworks have involved research in the vaults of the Vatican for drawings by Botticelli, and around the world for Baroque Art, frescos, and mosaics. The publishing house has also initiated dialogue between classical texts and contemporary artists in works such as Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, illustrated by contemporary artist Pat Andrea.

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